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Bill Storm on Ed Tech happened because I found myself littering my friends’ blogs with things I considered worth saying on the topics they raised.  Since the blogosphere really should be more “multi-nodal” in nature rather than piling everything up in one place, this blog will be where we can spend some time discussing topics on which there cannot be too much said.

Working for Illuminate Education in Northern California, I often find myself in discussions that generate more questions than answers, so this blog will serve as a point of public rumination on topics such as

  • changing student learning styles and networking behaviors
  • meeting instructional needs with shrinking budgets
  • equity of digital access
  • achievement gap
  • teacher growth and professional learning communities
  • supporting the non-techie teacher
  • educational use of Internet resources
  • performance data analysis

A note on the header banner for the blog:

Our profession often feels too much like sweeping our professional universe for crumbs of experiential data that somehow add up to a unified Gestalt from which we can make decisions on how to expend our finite energies.  The image is that of a tiny bit of interstellar dust, captured in aerogel by NASA’s EURECA spacecraft. aerogell track of NASA stardust

Ideas built on stardust.  I like the metaphor.

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