Campus Party – Brazil!

Campus Party link

If you happen to be in São Paulo, Brazil, this weekend, don’t miss a most excellent annual event, Campus Party.

NOT free to the public (sorry if I mislead readers yesterday), this Woodstock/Burning Man-like event hosts the latest in tech innovation, but not just any tech.  This event is about education technology, science, culture, and interactive media for furthering the minds and hearts of Brazilians,

especially young Brazilians.

That this event is exciting to kids is borne out by the means by which I learned about this, the most excellent school-lunch blog  Never Seconds, by 10-year-old Scot, Martha Payne.  One of her guest bloggers, a young Brazilian by the name of Enzo Buzz (love his name!) wrote in to share his interest in this “geek and technology event.”  Kids are sharing their experience in creating social change in their lives through social media, something Martha has experienced rather dramatically first-hand.  If you want to know more about the power of a kid, spend a few minutes on Never Seconds.  Have your hanky handy.

This kind of news gives me hope for our world.  What a great way to begin my Friday.


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