“I know karate…

so it’s okay, I’ll lead the way out.”

During his address to the community of Newtown, CT last night, President Obama offered that quote from a student being evacuated from Sandy Hook Elementary School following the mass shooting there last Friday.

While there is no obvious ed tech connection to these horrific events that would prompt a blog post, that quote hung in my thoughts last night when I should have been sleeping.

The President’s audience, and I, chuckled when he quoted that student, and I struggled to understand why we adults found that child’s earnest assurance of a fearful adult so sweet and amusing.  We are not accustomed to children leading, even when they are competent to do so, and we make a habit of assuming children have no vision of leadership or inner purpose.

As we all fight to absorb the meaning of the events of December 14th, 2012, and as we hold a national discussion around guns and mental health so that adults are held to a higher standard of meeting our responsibility of protecting our children, I ask my colleagues to take that child’s statement at face value, and know they want to lead with all their hearts.  Our students need adults to provide them with the best tools and keenest wisdom in order to succeed in their leadership, but we can assume they bring heart and courage to school every day.

May we all learn deeply from this sacrifice.


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