When kids create change…

it can get mighty uncomfortable for the adults.

Ed Tech friends,  you’ve just GOT to read this story from the BBC, : School Dinner Blogger Bannedblogger martha payne

Meet Martha Payne, 9-year-old Scottish blogger from Argyll, decided to raise money to feed hungry children by blogging about and rating her school meals.

3,300,000 hits later, and counting (thanks to the now infamous ban on her photographing her meals – like I said, read the story) young Martha has focused proper attention not only on her own school’s meals, but on the fare being served by schools to (up to now) powerless students.

HUZZAH Martha (aka Veg) and HUZZAH Dad-o’-Veg!

As a technology educator I celebrate your living the present and the future by making our technology attend to real life, address real problems, while holding the all-too-often dysfunctional adult world accountable.

Note that the ban, and the viral response leading to the lifting of said ban and the millions of hits and protests (not to mention an opening of floodgates of donations to Martha’s charity) all occurred over the course of less than two days.

I think the future is looking brighter for us all.



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