Teachers: aspiring bureaucrats?

Blogger relationships are dangerous places. Particularly for educators, topics are intertwined whether we consider our professions through the lenses of technology, equity, curriculum, access or whatever, so we often find ourselves moved to comment on topics related to our particular focus.

So it is here with this blog post by Starleigh Grass, What’s the difference between a bureaucrat and a teacher?

How often do we find ourselves locked into systems that exist merely for the sake of the system? How often are our energies devoted to just keeping the system going, while our presumed clients tug at our coattails and skirt hems as if saying, “I’m still here… ?”

Assessment, yes. We need radar to find those who cruise below it, to put light on those the bureaucracy fails to serve. But do all standardized materials serve all the children we host in our classrooms?

We need to standardize certain aspects of our profession: it should be absolutely uniform in all children’s experience that they arrive at school and know they can learn, and they know this because the adults who work there believe this about them. And the adults who believe this do so because they love them and they love the potential each child represents, and are excited by the future they see in their classrooms.

You may enjoy this writing by another blogger who brought Starleigh’s article to my attention: Literate Owl’s comments on What’s the difference between a bureaucrat and a teacher?


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