The Power of Intention

navy seals tridentMuch is said about 1:1 computing, putting technology into classrooms and into the hands of students.  However, anyone who pays attention to technology and schooling recognizes that transformation of school culture into one in service to real 21st century demands requires more than providing tools to students, tools they already know how to manipulate with considerable agility.

In the news these past days has been the story of how Osama bin Laden was tracked, discovered, and his time on this planet brought to a close by a team of Navy SEALS.  What has particularly struck me is the degree of reverence given to the highly focused, laser-beam stream of intentional thought and action that brought about this chain of events.  It is clear we, as a culture, value clear, intentional, fearless action.  We like it when people make definitive choices, travel risky paths despite the possibility of negative outcomes, and take decisive action based on what you know at the time as the best information you can possibly develop, vetted by the minds of good people collaborating for the right reasons.

If we value this quality in our leaders and we recognize intelligent, intentional action as being the agent of success, why is it we as educators think we can tiptoe into transformation by half measure and semi-commitment to strategies we know work?

The first two paragraphs of this post are related by the fact that while we seem willing to get devices into the hands of students, to supply them with access to the cloud, to turn them loose under the crush of random data, we appear bent on bringing transformation to the rest of the education infrastructure in half and quarter measure lest we disturb someone’s sleep.  While the world around us is propelled by information carefully and intentionally crafted, education continues to think of information technology as some sort of luxury add-on, like sequins on a dress.

Folks, the sequins are the dress, and unless we incorporate enough of them in a strategic manner, we will be left naked in all the wrong places.


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